Prints on Aluminum

2nd Street Tower On Aluminum (c)john Post

2nd Street Tower On Aluminum

Printing photographs on specially coated aluminum material.   

A beautiful new and unique display format for the art of photography,

This special process of infusing the image directly into the clear coating produces an image with vibrant luminosity, exceptional color along with clarity and a sense of depth unequalled with any other print medium.  The finished piece also has an extremely hard surface. 

According to reports, the archival qualities are unparalleled.

The finished prints on aluminum are designed to ‘float’ approximately one inch from the wall (see sample photo) however they can be framed if desired

Call for a free consultation regarding this modern process and where you can enhance your environment.

Panorama View South 16x48 Print On Aluminum (c)john Post

Panorama View South 16" x 48" Print On Aluminum

Print On Aluminum (c)john Post

Under Manhattan Beach Pier Print On Aluminum

Second St Tower On Aluminum (c)john Post

Second St Tower On Aluminum